Um, what?

Holy crap, it’s almost August. As ever, there’s a lot going on; my efforts to test the self-editing guide before release turned into something I didn’t expect. At all. But for once, this is a good thing.

Meanwhile, Smashwords authors rock. Especially the ones who review The Nuclear Method. Thanks, all. You rock.

(And yes, if you look very closely at the cover, there is an easter egg for which I make absolutely no apologies whatsoever.)


Day Off?

Holy hot outside, Batman. But today I am sitting in air-conditioned comfort, refusing to feel guilty for indulging in the blockety goodness known as Minecraft.

I’ll go chew through a mountain while you go change your passwords, mkay? Unless Yahoo is sending out mass warnings again, I think mine might actually have gotten haxxored this time.

I’m Rushian

If you work in any kind of creative capacity at all, here’s a must-see:

Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage

I won’t get into too many specifics because I think it has to strike a person as it will, if that makes any sense.  I’ll say only that it was the most identifiable, instructive, condemning yet affirming hundred-and-six minutes I’ve had in years.

I Send TBR-Zirra to Kirr You

See, this is another good thing about ebooks: my TBR pile is less likely to cause a shift in global mass distribution, thereby not causing a noticeable and destructive change to the gravitational fields holding everyone and everything to the planet.

Given how many books my dearest writing friends crank out, they could cause no small cataclysm. Here are three of their most recent additions to TBR-Zilla. Buy them, and buy digital, so we can’t be blamed for the secular rapture.

Yours To Keep by Shannon Stacey

The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton

Risking Delaney by Rhonda Leah

I’m sure NASA thanks us all.

Mixing Memes

Editor's Little Helper

Not-so Sneaky Peek

I worked on polishing the Branding 101 section of the self-editing guide today, but behind the scenes, the topic of professionalism just would not go away.

So here’s a preview from the guide, “leaked” by request:

First, there’s a vital distinction to be made, one I wish I’d understood about a decade earlier than I did: Writers and authors are not the same thing. They are not interchangeable. They are two separate, distinct jobs with their own separate, distinct job descriptions, and one must never be substituted for the other.
A writer develops and writes stories. That’s all they do. They are — and must be allowed to be — neurotic, insecure, selfish, arrogant, self-righteous, unpleasant, creative psycho-geniuses with no social skills or merits. They are the crazy aunt or uncle no one talks about or wants to make direct eye-contact with. No one likes them, not even their mothers. They should never be inflicted upon loved ones, editors or other industry professionals, or the public in general.
Authors are the Dr. Jekyll of the writer-author symbiosis. An author is a writer’s game-face, their greatest defender, and prison guard. Authors are all business. They are the public relations manager, the business manager, legal counsel, spokesmodel, agent, editor, and promoter all wrapped up in a charming, gracious and appealing package.
Anyone hoping to succeed in a ridiculously overcrowded commercial fiction marketplace needs to not only understand both roles, but excel at both, and understand that there’s a time and place for each. Witness the writer who reads a bad review of their work and makes a very public fool of themselves on a blog or retailer website, trying to argue with the reviewer. This is a classic case of someone letting their writer do an author’s job.

Facebook Heads-Up

Hi, hi. Terribly busy behind the scenes right now, and a lot of baby-steps toward long-term plans.

One of those steps is to direct my peeps toward the Emma fan page, rather than Emma’s Facebook profile. I hate to give up on anything, but I know what I face for time constraints in future. Maintaining a separate Emma FB profile simply will not work.

Besides. We all have too much media noise in our life. Working from the fan page will streamline my part, at least.