Things I Learned This Weekend

  1. I learned I have no newsletter topic. (I’ll pay someone for a good one, I swear to God. Yeah, so it’s our one year anniversary but everyone else will do the ‘look how far we’ve come’ topic…)
  2. I learned that playing drums in heels greatly perplexes the male element.
  3. I learned that the more I think about Castle, the more annoyed I get. (A dress? Seriously? With rubies? Hmm. Where have I seen that before? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t on Moonlighting.)
  4. I learned that switching between copy and line edits does not boost the sanity index.

Speaking of number 4…

Things I Learned This Weekend

I’m doing this a day early because it’s release day tomorrow. Big post, and I’m even giving away an ebook tomorrow.

Anyway, here’s the list:

  • I learned that I never get attached to a new TV series until the heroine has her hair foiled. You’ll note, of course, that what’s-her-name from Castle is still streak-free.
  • I learned the world will not, in fact, come crashing down on my head if I steal a couple hours for a writing fix. First-person paranormal. Me? WTF?
  • I learned all over again that old habits are hard to break. I keep wanting to switch into the hero’s POV, but I think it’d ruin the build and introduce some Velveeta if I did. So I’m not gonna, but damn it’s hard not to. (And not a single chuckle, nod, or grin so far, either, so don’t start with me.)
  • I’ve learned I hate the following six letters: fop.bat
  • I’ve learned I don’t know how to act when I’m actually ahead of the line-editing schedule.

That’s all, so far. I’m about to go re-learn how much I despise folding laundry, so see you tomorrow.

Things I Learned This Weekend

  1. The only constant in the interwebs is drama.
  2. Trying to figure out the order of bonus ebook content for 9 different ebook formats is more complicated than it first appears.
  3. xsl is the best thing since cable dsl.
  4. Old gaming buddies who can make xsl do tricks are the best thing since…oxygen.

I’m off tothe production cave again today, armed with Reese’s peanut butter cups, a crispy brain cell and one seriously underappreciated production designer.

Have a good one.

Things I Learned This Weekend

  1. I learned I’m worth $46 for Sharon Cullars. (A little less than 24-hours to go on the auction)
  2. I learned it’s 100% true that all edits and production files arrive at precisely the same time, just because they can.
  3. I learned that I like returning line edits at precisely the same time I know an editor’s completely swamped.
  4. I learned mp3 players and their USB cords are the dryer/socks of the new millennium. One is always missing.

Off to the cave with me today. I’ve got blurbs, line edits and production to do, and house style updates. And some RockBand 2, so help me God.

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Things I Learned This Weekend

*rubbing hands together*

  1. Not even a to-do list longer than Billy Idol’s tox screen is enough to keep me away from Denis Leary. (Authors and eds, if your stuff is late, blame Renee and Frank. They sent me WHY WE SUCK for xmas. Yes, I love them. Oh, and Denis? Paganini, Booger and Princess Moo say hai.)
  2. It’s true: I will actually run screaming at the mention of “Newsletter”
  3. If you dream you’ve answered the entire mountainous pile of backlogged email, keep dreaming as long as you can. It’s better that way.
  4. God kills a kitten every time someone invents a new ereading device with its own proprietary filetype.
  5. Dollhouse premieres February 13th. Friday the 13th. Go figure.

Things I Learned This Weekend

  1. All Minnesotans must be in some way retarded. We live here voluntarily.
  2. My The Ref DVD is scratched. This is a crisis.
  3. The people who dictate ereader device technology should spend less time on WoW and more time with publishers. (Remember us? Those people who do all the work to provide them with profitable content?)

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And huge congratulations go out to LPI’s own Aubrey Leatherwood, who was nominated for an RT Reviewer’s Choice Award for The People You Know…”. It’s a pretty big deal for us as a publisher to get a nod our first year, and an even bigger deal for Aubrey, who is as fun and genuine as she is talented.

Congratulations, darlin’. You know you have my vote.

Things I Learned This Weekend

I had a really…weird weekend, most of which doesn’t bear talking about.

There were a few things worth noting, however:

  1. You can’t get mad at your children for acting just like you do.
  2. You can still get mad at your children for acting just like their father.
  3. I want this for Christmas: Why We Suck: A Feel Good Guide to Staying Fat, Loud, Lazy and Stupid

Okay, maybe I just want Denis Leary for Christmas, but I’ll take what I can get.

Things I Learned This Weekend

  1. Never tell a thirteen year old girl your bra won’t fit her. She’ll put it on her scrawny butt (and the cat) just to annoy you.
  2. There is a sniper loose in Skype. Either that, or the NSA has no sense of humor.
  3. A Masters in xhtml might be necessary to stay ahead of digital ebook formatting.

It’s release day. Things are hopping around here…

Have a good one.

Things I Learned This Weekend

  1. If you ever hear the words “Hon, could you…”, say no, and run.
  2. Laundry and rabbits have a lot in common.
  3. All shoes/boots/mittens carry identical magnetic charge, guaranteeing each shoe will repel its mate. Where there’s one, the other will never be found.
  4. Conversely, cats and cosmetics are oppositely charged, guaranteeing that upon application, lip gloss/nail polish will immediately become coated in fur. Any attempt to thwart this law of the physical universe is futile. Felines have been programmed with special ninja skills to disguise all furring attempts as pleas for affection.

Happy Monday…

Things I Learned This Weekend

  1. MEA weekends are really long.
  2. Campaign seasons are really long.
  3. Despite what I might have believed before, the Vikings can still get worse.

After that, it sounds like a pretty dismal weekend, but it wasn’t really. Just busy, trying to get a little ahead of the release schedule so we can start evaluations.

And today I’m going to be bad because it’s a release day, and I am allowed to be partial sometimes, right?


A Darker Trinity by Candice Gilmer comes out in ebook today. Candice is one of the authors on my roster, and I do enjoy tormen… er, working with her. (She also writes for Samhain and has some great stuff over there)

The Moonlight and Shadows series she’s doing with us over here at Lyrical makes for some very fun, entertaining vampire/were joyjoys, and this book in particular will scorch your toenail polish.

And just so you know, Liam is mine. MINE, I tell you. Hands off. I mean it.

Also coming out today is:

Bright Star, by Grayson Reyes-Cole. Grayson is a new addition to my roster, and I’m both proud and delighted to have her. Proud because this is a smart, inevitability-laden book. Delighted because someday, if you’re at a conference, and see me huddled in a corner with someone and you hear a troubling amount of conspiritorial laughter, whatever happens next will be all Grayson’s fault. Just sayin.

No doubt Candice and Ann will be the two standing by, pointing and laughing while Cat runs the pool on who will get arrested first. Mr. O’Rourke will be busily pretending he’s never met any of us in his life. Meanwhile, Renee would be sighing and wearing a long-suffering look.

Speaking of which, I’d best get my keister back into the cave…