All Right, Already

After five emails asking why I wasn’t all in a tizz over the RWA happenings, here’s my official statement. My opinion might be unpopular, but it is what it is, so…

First, I personally don’t believe the value of RWA truly lies in what RWA can do for you, rather its membership. For a majority of its members, it’s the camaradarie that counts: the inclusion, the friendships, the support, industry news (and gossip) shared between writers with similar goals.

The fact RWA now gates exposure between members, editors and publishers pretty well negates the organization as a worthwhile financial investment when the same camaraderie, inclusion, friendships, support, news (and gossip) can be had for free online.

Every publisher has a website. Nearly every editor’s email is widely available. Few publishers would shoo or ignore an author writing in with questions.

Furthermore, we have blogs, Twitter, Cover-It-Live, and .pdf that can deliver all workshop information in a permanent medium. Those tools can also be used to conduct editor appointments and any number of other things.

What I’m getting at is, if the members are ticked off because RWA can’t get with the times, the members and publishers are equally at fault for not embracing the digital tools at their disposal. Of course, the toys are not the same as getting together with 3 or so thousand of our closest friends, but that too could be arranged without the RWA stamp of approval.

Bottom line, if RWA members are serious about providing specialized support to digitally published authors, then stop seeking approval or permission from RWA for every little achievement, step up to the plate, and start a new organization for eRomance.

(Don’t look at me — I’m too busy actually working in publishing to do any such thing)



Call(s) for Subs

For Lyrical Press:


Open call for romance/erotica titles 40-90k in length. Shorter works will be considered. Longer works will not.

Most desired sub-genres (in no particular order):

  • Paranormal
  • Romantic Suspense
  • m/m
  • m/m/f
  • BDSM


Open call for paranormal thriller titles 40-90k in length. Titles must fall within that range.

Open call for urban fantasy titles 40-90k in length. Titles must fall within that range.

Open call for crime/procedural thriller titles 40-95k in length. Titles must fall within that range.


Please see the Lyrical Press Submissions guidelines for submission procedures.

Any questions, ask them here or email me direct at emmawayneporter gmail com.

Guest Blogging

Today, you can find me at 500 Words on Words discussing e-publishing.

And we are ever so grateful that Nate let me go just “a hair” over wordcount.

(No, I have not changed one tiny bit.)

Oh, and the very dramatic story I promised will be coming March 1st, just before Brian O’Rourke’s The Unearthed release.

Top Tens

Oooh! Something fun to do!

Samhain is working on end-of-year reader-favorite Top Ten lists, and have created a survey form so everyone can participate.

Click here to take the survey.

No, I’m Not Dead

…just busy. We’ll soon be hiring copy editors again, and I’ll post everything here as well as the Lyrical Press Blog when we’re ready to make the official announcement.

Until that’s done and our new peeps settled, I’m afraid I’ll continue to suck as a blogger. :bored:

Send chocolate.




Hold me

I am going to make a total fangirl ass out of myself, I’m sure, but… :yeyas:

Jess? Where are you when I neeeeeeeeeed you? El Jeffe totally doesn’t understand that ObiWan is coming.