What I Cut Today

Cutting-room-floor addition of the day:

I don’t really understand why writers mix narrative point of view types. I guess they feel challenged to try something new, or emulate something else. Maybe they even have a good reason why this must be done, maybe something to do with tension or suspense building, or…something. Like I said, I don’t really understand it. I feel very strongly that writers mucking about with narrative POV are taking an unnecessary risk with their livelihood and their editor’s by association. Might as well whip the reader right across the face with the puppet strings, because poor narrative POV management jolts readers straight off the page.

I will try to act like an adult, however, and describe the combination types, though I still by no means recommend them. And of course I will continue to hope and pray that these writers’ authors will take them out back, Moonstruck them and snap them the heck out of it.


Sometimes, I get a little carried away, and this should stand as evidence of ‘editor, edit thyself.’  Anyway, coming up next is a pre-self-edit exercise that hit the cutting-room floor quite a while ago. It still has relevance, but it’s a bit too touchy-feely for the guide.

Tomorrow, probably.


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