It’s true. My xbox has succumbed to the red ring of death. No more lunchtime drum breaks until it’s fixed. Of course, it might be a good thing, as repeated Run To The Hills fails have given me an inferiority complex, but still — we’re all very sad.

Packing it up to send it for service excited the cats to no end, however. In order to catch the UPS guy, I had to pack it up in about half an hour, with not a single suitable box in the house and no bubble wrap.

I solved that problem easily enough, but have you ever tried to pack something in a hurry with the help of three bored and lonely cats? I’d get one out of the box and stop the other from shredding the foam just in time to stop Booger from getting his whiskers stuck to the packing tape.

(No one — and I repeat, no one — must ever tell el Jeffe what happened to his roll of stuff that goes under laminate flooring.)


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