Wake Me When School Starts

You can always tell how busy I am by how often I blog. Obviously, things have been a bit crazed around here, juggling work with family. We’re sticking with the theory that things will settle down once the kids are back in school.

Yeah, I know better.

We’ve also got a huge end of summer event  coming up the last week of August on the LPI blog. Next there’s a new promotion model workshop to contend with, now that consumers have steered ebook distribution into oddly familiar waters.

In other news, I’m so not enjoying my preliminary heart attack over the Microsoft Word custom xml schema meshigas. Did I mention our entire, revolutionary and custom-made production system runs (in part) on said schema?

There’s also a burgeoning conspiracy theory in this house that if federally or state funded universities a/o government entities commit seriously to etextbook technology, digital publishing could become the next industry facing government regulation. National ebook care, anyone?

Somehow, the highly capitalistic Tower of eBabel doesn’t make me cry so much at night anymore.

I’ll leave you with that troubling thought. Enjoy. drama


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