Ten Things…

You will never hear an editor say:

1)      “Nah, let’s leave it that way. We’ll just put a glossary at the end of the book so readers will know what you meant.”

2)      “Just use Babelfish.”

3)      “Don’t worry about it. Readers never catch geography or history errors.”

4)      “This love scene is way too hot.”

5)       “It’s just an ebook.”

6)      “God kills a kitten every time you edit out a ‘that.’”

7)      “Oh hell, yeah! I think an entire chapter in text-speak would be awesome.”

8)      “Leave the head-hopping. No one will notice. Or send hate mail.”

9)      “There’s nothing for it but to put three pages of pure exposition in chapter one.”

10)   “What this book needs…is more exclamation points.”


4 Responses


    Need I say more?

  2. “No, really, I think it’s awesome every character’s name starts with the same letter! Gives it a nice alliteration.”

  3. :::wiping tears out of eyes:::

    Oh MY God………… That’s too damn funny…

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