In Defense Of…

With RWA Nationals almost upon us, and this topic still a hot one behind the scenes and elsewhere, I think it’s worth saying the following:

From this side of the desk, it is very easy to tell which authors have been part of professional organizations like RWA. Those authors tend to have a better understanding of the business, approach edits with appropriate objectives in mind, and hold up their end of the bargain in a much more professional manner than those authors who haven’t benefited from time spent in a writing community.

Their work consistently shows better attention to detail, and stands a greater chance of pleasing genre readers. These authors read, understand and follow submission guidelines, and put their best foot forward every time. RWA authors also tend to enter the publishing world with more realistic expectations, which removes much stress from all sides of the equation.

So thank you, RWA (and other organizations like you), for cultivating professional attitudes, and coaching authors on the ins and outs — and ups and downs — of working with publishers, editors, dead lines, and promotion.

And on that note, my need to hire aforementioned editors (along with my need to implement a formal galley system) has knocked my Left Behind workshop off the table. Sorry, but there truly is no rest for the wicked…


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