I’m not sure how, but it’s gotten to be nearly that time again… 

RWA National is almost upon us. I’ve decided not to go this year, so I’ll do an online workshop again.

It sure helps to have a topic, and that’s where y’all come in.


(Bear in mind I’m an editor, Jim, not a marketing/branding guru)


7 Responses

  1. I’d like a workshop on marketing in the digital age. Another one I’d be interested in is building sub-plots in your novel.


  2. I second the marketing request. With my book coming out with Lyrical Press soon I’d like to know the most effective way of getting the word out there!


  3. Maybe a slightly higher level editing class? On your old blog you had an excellent self-editing guide – what about something that goes beyond that?

    I’m thinking of things like all these “rules” and preferences I see telling me I shouldn’t use certain words EVER AGAIN or the old show don’t tell.

    This might get into the craft of writing as much as editing, but I think a lot of this part is applied during the editing process

    Elle Parker

  4. GMC: It Ain’t a 4×4

  5. So you’re doing “How to Market My Brand”, right Jim?

    • left and took the whole damn planet. All I got left is…the entire website for “marketing a brand” topic.

      Can I get any geekier? At least it detracts from the fact I’m trying to dodge this bullet…

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