Better Late Than Never

I gather the decision whether to renew Dollhouse comes tomorrow (Tuesday), and as a  displaced Browncoat, I’m holding out little faith (no pun intended).

I gotta admit that Joss didn’t have me on board with the first few episodes. As happened with Firefly, I thought both the network and Joss pooped up the lore build airing certain types of episodes up front. It was almost like reading Act 2 of a book before Act 1.

The last several episodes, however, have highlighted the non-theory of TV relativity. It’s become a very short hour and has my total attention the entire time. I give a crap about what happens to the characters, both good and bad, and the expanse, difficulty and potential of this premise takes my breath. (I wasn’t tainted with the Alpha spoiler and omg, I yelled at the show when that happened.)

Would I have stuck it out through the weaker episodes if it didn’t carry the Whedon auto-seal of approval? No, to be honest. But I am by no means the only big-mouthed viewer out here who genuflects whenever the name of Joss is invoked.

Bottom line, Dollhouse is a good show that gets better every week. If you air it, I will watch. If you cancel it, I will follow Joss to another network and point and laugh at you from afar.

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5 Responses

  1. They’re medicinal carrots. I swear!

  2. medicinal porn carrots?

  3. Joss always takes a few eps to work up a head of steam, but he always pays off our patience in the end. It’s just too bad that they only gave him 12 eps to tell this story.

  4. Em,

    I’ve stayed away from Dollhouse b/c bad word of mouth. Maybe I should give it a try, because Firefly and Serenity were pure genius.

  5. Get thee to (and bring friends).

    It really is worth a second look.

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