Call for Subs: Lyrical Elite Imprints

Lyrical Elite Imprints

Lyrical Press, Inc. is now accepting submissions for three new imprints: Allure, Elements and Vintage. 

Imprinted title payouts: $100 advance (50% upon receipt of signed contract, 50% upon remittance of approved final) + 40% of earned digital royalties.

We will not review queries, partials or proposals. Only completed manuscripts will be considered. Required length for all three imprints is 60-80k ONLY. We will not consider works of less than 60k, or longer than 80k for elite imprints. (full submission details to follow imprint guidelines)

Titles that do not fit specific imprint guidelines might still be considered for non-imprinted contract/release, but will not be eligible for advance.

Questions regarding guidelines or other specifics should be directed to submissions at lyricalpress dot com.

Specific Imprint Guidelines:

Lyrical Allure
Acquiring editor: Emma Wayne Porter
Genre: erotic contemporary romance
Length: 60-80k
Key Characteristic: willful hero, capable heroine
Key Characteristic: sexual tension and romantic conflict
Requirement: HEA
Sensuality Level: extremely hot

Editor’s notes: Know your tropes. This line is focused on the buildup and resolution of sexual tension and romantic conflict. The thrill of anticipation is as key as the erotic payoff.

We want willful heroes, and capable heroines. We do not want “perfect” or cardboard characters, nor do we want helpless, shrinking-violet heroines. We want compelling, fully developed contemporary characters with GMC and sizzling conflict brought to fulfilling resolution.

Lyrical Elements
Acquiring editor(s): Renee Rocco a/o Emma Wayne Porter
Genre: paranormal romance
Length: 60-80k
Key Characteristic: gripping and dangerous paranormal conflict
Key Characteristic: romantic conflict
Sensuality Level: any
Requirement: HEA

Editor’s notes: The paranormal conflict should be on an equal footing with the romantic conflict—there must be an imminent threat to the hero, heroine or both. We want to worry the will get them before the boy can get the girl. Know your lore. Know your characters. Make us believe the lore, make us care about the characters, and scare the crap out of us at will. 

Lyrical Vintage
Acquiring editor: Renee Rocco
Genre: historical romance
Length: 60-80k
Key Characteristic: immersive historic setting
Key Characteristic: romantic conflict
Sensuality Level: any
Requirement: HEA

Editor’s notes: For now, Old West/Western is lumped in with all other historic eras. We want fully immersive, rich settings positively rotten with conflict of the times. No contemporaries in historic disguises—we want driven characters caught in authentic, seemingly insurmountable conflict, and we want our heart-wrenching HEA fulfillment. 

Submission procedures:
Please remember we will not consider queries, partials or proposals—completed manuscripts only.

Submissions should be sent to: 

Subject line should contain the targeted imprint, along with the book name and your pen name. 
Example: Lyrical Vintage: HOW THE WEST WAS UNDONE by Emma Wayne Porter 

The body of your email should contain all of the following:

  • Your name
  • Your pen name
  • Target imprint
  • Book title
  • Book length
  • Your email address
  • Your mailing address
  • Your website URL (if applicable)
  • A very brief “hook” or “blurb”
  • Any publishing credits

The full manuscript in .rtf, .doc or .docx (If you use Microsoft Word, please send .doc or .docx)
2-page, double-spaced synopsis

Manuscript File:
Filename: BOOKTITLE_imprint_sub_authorname

Example: BOOGIEMANNIGHTS_Elements_sub_EmmaWaynePorter
Please include a title page containing the following info: 

  • Your name
  • Your pen name
  • Your email address
  • Your mailing address
  • Targeted imprint
  • Book title
  • Book length

Please do not include a blurb or synopsis inside the manuscript file. The faster we can get to the story, the more we will like you.

Preferred formatting:

  • Black, Times New Roman 12pt font 
  • 1.5 line-spacing
  • .5” first line indent
  • Margins at 1” all
  • Chapter headings 16pt TNR font, centered
  • Page breaks between chapters

Synopsis file:
Filename: BOOKTITLE_syn_AuthorName
Synopses should be no more than two pages, double-spaced.


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