What Break?

The kids are off school for Easter break. “Chaos” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

In other news, we’ve changed the submissions email address to lyricalsubs (at) gmail (dot) com, thus freeing us all from one seriously clunky inbox interface. (Have I mentioned my addiction to gmail?)

The old email address will still work, of course, just don’t be surprised if any replies should come from the new one.

We’ll also continue to respond in person to verify receipt of submissions for as long as humanly possible.  We couldn’t easily set up a reliable auto response in the old email system, and don’t like the practice anyway. But there could easily come a time when we’d have to employ one person just to send in-person replies alone, so we’ll see how long we can make it without having to go that route.

Meanwhile, things are busy as ever around here. Lines up to here, copies up to there, and admin at all points in between. But the good news is that the production overhaul is mostly done, thanks to a behind-the-scenes hero. Only one format remains — .lit — and we’ve decided not to tell Renee that five separate images could be necessary for cover art alone. (She’s shorter than me and I think I could probably outrun her if the need arose, especially with a thousand mile head start.)

Otherwise, I continue to stink on RockBand drums. We’ve ventured into the wonderful world of download content (More Earth Wind and Fire, plzkthxbai). There was a brief lapse in playing this week when I broke the kick pedal. Apparently, curling one’s toes over the end of the pedal is a bad idea, despite the thick, fuzzy protective layer of cat hair.

Also, I did notice Queensryche got an xbox spotlight. Dare I hope this means they will finally cough up the rights to Operation: Mindcrime? In my opinion, that would be the single greatest DLC of all time. Gold-starring those vocals would be a true badge of…something.

They’re playing up here in May or June, and if they don’t cough up the rights, I may be the first person in history to attend a concert for the sole purpose of whining for DLC. I’m sure they’ll be persuaded by my story about how I somehow broke my right index fingernail on Ace of Spades, and my theory that Taylor Hawkins secretly has three feet.

Back to the cave with me. Happy Easter, everybody.


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