Release Day

It’s release day again at Lyrical, and this time around, we’ve got more good stuff on deck.




I start, of course, with Miss Aubrey‘s Imperfection. You probably already know this, but I loves me some Aubs. The People You Know, The Sex They Have was easily the best-written erotic romance collection I’ve ever read, and when Romantic Times nominated it for a Reviewer’s Choice award, I stood up in my chair and spun around like that cut-scene in Rock Band.

Anyway, Imperfection is another well-written, very well-characterized piece, and I’ve been waiting a long time to get this one into the bookstore so that everyone can learn to appreciate Aubs the way I do. Enjoy.


Point of Distraction III

Point of Distraction III

Next up is Cindy Jacks‘s Point of Distraction: The Third Collection. And let me apologize right up front to Pam, her editor. I have a habit of camping the line edits queue for the next installment of this series, and we all know how patient I am. It’s not really whining… it’s a job perk, I swear. (Poor Pam… I think there was actual snarling involved over another of Pam’s author’s upcoming books, but no one got bit. Or at least not very hard.)

Needless to say, this whole series is just good old-fashioned fun. The men are hot, Ana, the heroine, is a riot, and while the point of this series is to entertain, there’s more than a few very grounded, touching moments in there, too. This series has been cake to work on, and I can’t wait for number four.




Firefly Beach

Firefly Beach

Now it’s time for Firefly Beach by Meira Pentermann. This one’s a paranormal thriller, and you know, we need more of this kind of sub. Don’t get me wrong—I love paranormal romance as much as the next person, but every once in a while I need a read where the suspense isn’t limited to what position comes next.

This book has mystery and twists galore, sort of like Cold Case, but with a paranormal foundation. There’s an entertaining, believable secondary cast and a deceptively restful setting, too…at which point I’ll stop before dropping a spoiler.


A Toy For Two

A Toy For Two

And last but never least, we’ve got Jennifer Cole‘s A Toy For Two. This is book two of the Dungeon Master’s series, follow-up to the best selling At The Dungeon Master’s Hand. It’s a fast-paced, wicked-hot m/m/f BDSM romp that revisits Le Club Esclavage, and this time, we’ve got a heroine who skates on some very thin family ice even stepping foot in the place, let alone falling in love with the…

Oops. Almost a spoiler, there. Sorry, Jen. When do we get book three?

And now, because it’s startliningly gorgeous outside and I’m in the mood to behave badly, I’ll be giving away a free ebook to a commenter chosen at random. (Yes, you can choose which title you’d like from this cycle, in whichever format you need). Just be sure you use a valid email address, or I can’t notify the winner, capisce?

I’ll close the giveaway tonight around nine-ish, CST.


10 Responses

  1. Oh Emma, you just made my day! And here is my favorite quote of the day (yep, coming from an rotica writer, too) “every once in a while I need a read where the suspense isn’t limited to what position comes next” hee hee… You’re a funny lady, Emma!

    And no free book for me today, ma’am! I’m a buying customer 🙂


  2. MMmmmm, Firefly Beach looks like something I’d like to take a look at.

  3. Hey, Emma. I’d already picked up my copies of Imperfection and POD3 this morning before I saw your post. You are so right about the talented ladies who wrote these books. Imperfection, I can tell already, is going to be an absolute gem of a story. I’ve also enjoyed living vicariously through Ana in the POD collection and am really looking forward to POD3.

    Firefly Beach was next on my TBR list but, like Ms. Leatherwood, I’m a paying customer, so no need to enter me for the freebie. Might I also add that Ms. Cole’s new A Toy for Two sounds awesome?

    Way to go, ladies!


  4. Hey Emma, Great post!
    I love Aub and Cindy Jack books! I’m definitely a fan of both their work.
    I haven’t had the pleasure of reading any of Meira Pentermann or Jennifer Cole’s books but I think it’s time I check them out, Thanks for the info. I look forward to reading their stories.
    I’d look to win a book please put my name down.
    Thanks Afshan

  5. Thank you very much, Afshan!

  6. These all sound like great books. I’m looking forward to reading all of them. It was hard deciding but please put me down for a chance on Firefly Beach. It was really hard to choice just one. Sounds like this release day has a group of winners.

  7. I would love to be entered into this contest.

  8. They are all interesting books. I think Imperfection is something I would devour.

  9. Great books.


  10. Morning, everybody —

    Thanks for entering =) The winner’s been contacted.

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