Proof of Life



Worst Blogger of the Year Award

Worst Blogger of the Year Award


I felt like giving myself a little reward today, and here it is! Isn’t it made of teh awesome?

I’d like to thank my kids, for having so much homework. I’d also like to thank the production system overhaul for frying my braincell and making me everything I am today.

Then there’s the need for sleep. It’s really the best friend a girl ever had in Suckland. Somebody get me a tissue.

And of course, I’d be nowhere without line edits. Without you, I’d be blogging all the time.

I know I’m forgetting somet—Hey! Stop the orchestra. I’m not done yet.

OH! Documentation! You are my everything. Even though TMZ caught you snogging a blurb while I was off in Canada adopting starving submissions, I love you, man. This is for you. Have your attorney call my attorney cuz I don’t think this was covered in our prenup.

Oh my God! They think I suck! They really think I suck!



Okay, so maybe I’m overtired, but every now and again, a little sarcasm is food for the soul.

Have a good weekend, everybody.


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