Woo hoo! The LPI House Style Tip Sheet, Second Edition has just been released. I never, ever want to see it again, and for now, I’m celebrating.

Well, sort of. I’ve no idea how to celebrate such a…excruciatingly boring milestone. Rockband? Chocolate? Line edits? Massive zombie kills? 

Anyway, that’s what’s been eating up all my blog time for the last forever — that and a complete overhaul of our ebook production system — but I’m pretending I have nothing to do for the next five minutes.

So I blogged. And now I have to figure out how to celebrate a major weight off the to-do list.



4 Responses

  1. Me, I’d go with massive zombie kills. No question.

  2. Gin.

    Lots and lots of gin.

  3. Rockband time is never wasted time. 😉

  4. One bourbon, one scotch, and one beer.

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