Release Day

It’s release day!

Now that we’re beginning to ramp up the release cycles, I don’t have as much room in the LPI Newsletter to talk about the new releases. But I’ve got this whole blog to  play around with, so on as many release days as I can manage, I’ll blab about the books.

First up is Cat Grant‘s By Chance.


By Chance by Cat Grant

By Chance by Cat Grant

This book is the third of the Courtland Chronicles series, and my personal favorite…so far. (Cat and I are in copy edits on the next one. I reserve the right to change my mind.) What I love about this series is it’s like old school Dynasty or 90210, only with m/m/f instead of m/f and m/f and m/f ad nasuem. Readers really get to know the characters, warts and all, which makes it rather unlike anything else out there.


A word about the order: Cat went all Lucas on us, and gave us The Arrangement first. The other books in the series are prequels, written and released in chronological order:

  1. By Chance
  2. Strictly Business
  3. Complications (coming May 4, 2009)

Oh, and by the way, it’s Cat’s birthday. Go buy her book as a gift *nudge nudge*


Hunters of the Nile by Ellie Moonwater

Hunters of the Nile by Ellie Moonwater

Next up is Hunters of the Nile by Ellie Moonwater. This one is a time-travel romance, a fun, imaginative and light read. A woman’s getting chased by some Very Bad People and ends up finding the Queen Mum of all hiding places, but I’ll not tell where it is.


Ellie’s got three more titles coming out this year. The next one starts a new fantasy romance series, so get on board now.

The Quickening by Antonia Tiranth

The Quickening by Antonia Tiranth



Antonia Tiranth premieres at Lyrical this month with The Quickening. Dragons, shape shifters, romance. Need I say more?

Okay, yeah, you know I can’t help myself: Antonia breathes a lot of animation and character into first-person, making this story pretty darn entertaining for more reasons than just the story.


A Kiss of Ashen Twilight by Rae Lori

A Kiss of Ashen Twilight by Rae Lori

And then there’s Rae Lori‘s A Kiss of Ashen Twilight. This one’s chock full of paranormal goodness: vamps, faeries, legends, battles, romance…


It’s the first in the Ashen Twilight series. The next one, Within the Shadows of Mortals is due out in August, so again, don’t get left behind.


Go forth and have fun reading. You can find out more about these titles by visiting the Lyrical Press website or heading straight for Once Upon A Bookstore.

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