One Year Ago Today…

It’s my one year anniversary with Lyrical Press today, and since I haven’t done a Thursday 13 in a while and I’m rather one-track-mind on the “Things I Learned This Weekend” bit, I’m doing a special anniversary 13 Things I Learned This Year to celebrate.

  1. I learned that reflowable text is a great thing. Terrible…but great.
  2. I learned that I like reading submissions better than I like reading cover letters.
  3. I learned that writing a to-do list is just asking for it.
  4. I learned that Lewis Carroll was really writing about house style. (Beware of the eat me sign because it might not mean what you think.)
  5. I learned that my unbridled love for software toys can drive others to drink.
  6. I learned that Notepad is the answer to…just about everything.
  7. I learned that writing rejection letters sucks even worse than getting them.
  8. I learned that there is no substitute for good chemistry inside a company.
  9. I learned it’s possible to feel a sick, sadistic glee when saying “I need a two-page synopsis.”
  10. I learned that penciling notes on my white desk is a pretty bad idea. (“Don’t forget the *smudge* in *cat print* or Kindle *smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeear* jacked up.”)
  11. I learned I have absolutely no sense of humor about the following: file names, screen play subs, ellipses, dead lines, italics, documentation, divas, emdashes, action tags, proprietary file formats, penthouse forum subs, block quotes…and did I mention file names?
  12. I learned that in this business, “No power in the verse” and “I am a leaf on the wind” can happen at precisely the same moment.
  13. I learned that it’s possible to be prouder of someone else’s work than my own.

Okay, now that I’m done, I’ve also learned it’s a lot easier in theory than it is in practice to distill twelve months of hardcore brainfry into thirteen succinct points. But it’s been a wild and rewarding ride so far, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Thank you to Renee and Frank, Steph, Pam, Coll, Lise and Amanda, all our copy editors, our authors, and especially our readers for making this first year better than we had any right to hope.



2 Responses

  1. Happy anniversary Emma! We’re thankful that you’re here!

  2. In the year since you’ve been with us, I’ve learned the true meaning of the word ‘necessary’. As in, you, Emma, are absolutely necessary on so many levels. Not only would Lyrical not be what it is without you, I’d have gone insane without you talking me through ‘those days’. And you know what days I mean. */wink

    You are vital to Lyrical and Frank and I are so proud to have you as our EIC.

    Thank you for everything you do, thank you for your humor, thank you for what you do not have a sense of humor about, thank you for being above standard as an editor and for being an amazing person. I don;t think there’s a person at Lyrical who doesn’t adore you. Good chemistry? You bet we have that…and most of that is a credit to you.

    Too bad Frank and I will still crush you guys when it comes to Rockband.

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