It’s very Monday around here. You know how it is… You make a nice list for your day, sit down to work, and 6 hours later you’ve done a thousand things, but not one of them was on that list.

One of the things was updating my release graphics. And writing a really compelling blog post. That came to nothing, obviously.

But I did have something important to share:

There’s a chat tonight with Rita Vetere, Sean Cummings and Grayson Reyes-Cole at http://www.ritavetere.com/chat.html, complete with Once Upon A Bookstore gift certificates.

Did I mention prizes? You know…PRIZES?

I’m gonna try to make it tonight. I absolutely love Rita’s Ancient Inheritance. Sean’s Unseen World is good comic-book hero fun, and Grayson… well, no matter what she offers, I’m all up in it like Al Gore at an internet convention. Only less sweaty and… Never mind. That went somewhere I didn’t intend to go.

See you there!


One Response

  1. Hey, Emma,
    Thanks for taking time out of your busy day and stopping in last night. The chat was loads of fun and I’m really enjoying hosting them–I like to think they’re informal, but informative, I’ve received some very nice feedback from participants. Gift certificates to Once Upon a Bookstore will be a standard prize giveaway at my monthly chats from now on–with so many great titles and authors, what more could anyone want, I ask you?

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