Things I Learned This Weekend

*rubbing hands together*

  1. Not even a to-do list longer than Billy Idol’s tox screen is enough to keep me away from Denis Leary. (Authors and eds, if your stuff is late, blame Renee and Frank. They sent me WHY WE SUCK for xmas. Yes, I love them. Oh, and Denis? Paganini, Booger and Princess Moo say hai.)
  2. It’s true: I will actually run screaming at the mention of “Newsletter”
  3. If you dream you’ve answered the entire mountainous pile of backlogged email, keep dreaming as long as you can. It’s better that way.
  4. God kills a kitten every time someone invents a new ereading device with its own proprietary filetype.
  5. Dollhouse premieres February 13th. Friday the 13th. Go figure.

2 Responses

  1. Figures that there’s a Friday the thirteenth in my birthday month.

    OTOH, new Joss!!!!

  2. Here’s my plan for Dollhouse:

    1) Forget to watch it
    2) Complain that I forgot to watch it
    3) Whine when Fox cancels it
    4) Buy the box set

    It seems to be the done thing

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