Naughty And Nice

We’re having a wild morning around here… Not only did one of our titles show up featured in Fictionwise’s newsletter (Go Rita!), but the 20% off sale went live at Once Upon A Bookstore.

Poor Brian’s copy edits are never gonna get done.

Everyone go take advantage of the sale, and have fun reading. Pause periodically to point and laugh at the grindstone burns on my nose.

Yeah, commence with the Rudolph jokes at your earliest convenience.


6 Responses

  1. Hey, Rudol…er, Emma! 🙂

    I was pretty excited to see Ancient Inheritance featured in the Fictionwise Newsletter! As for the sale, with so many great titles at Once Upon a Bookstore, readers will be hard-pressed to choose!

    BTW, I do hope Brian’s copy edits get done… I’m itching to read The Unearthed!

  2. mwah. I’m so excited you’re in there. I love that book.

    Have I whined at you about getting another one yet?

  3. Something wicked should be coming your way from me around mid-January 🙂

  4. hurrrrry uuuuuuuuuup

  5. Hey you two, stop talking about me behind my back, i.e. on a public forum on the Internet. 🙂

    Rita–You have to slow down! I still haven’t read Ancient Inheritance yet, but it’s on my TR list.

  6. Just wait until March, B. I’ll finally get to tell the tornado story. *rubbing hands together*

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