December What?

I’ve still got the post-release day hangover going; I sincerely hope I didn’t get on stage and sing Smelly Cat or anything Saturday night.

Someone mentioned there might be drama over the fact we’re only doing one release cycle this month, so here’s the scoop: Back in… July or August (I can’t remember which) we decided that since the late stages of December aren’t too great for sales, we’d close the cycle to give our first-cycle releases a fair shake, and to give the staff a break.

Of course, “break” means everyone’s free to reformat backlist for the 60 gabillion new formats we’re shipping out, but still. It’s the thought that counts, right? Right?

In other news we’ve got some really good books this month. I wasn’t copy editor on any of them, so I can’t play the “I have a right to be biased” card. There are three of them, however, that are great personal favorites.

I’ll have to hold all my bias cards until February and March, because I can’t wait to tell the tornado story. *rubbing hands together*


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