Workshops Galore

Tonight is the last night of our Ten Ugly and Unfair Publishing Truths Workshop.

Monday night, we start the copy editing sessions (which I am still not finished building, of course). After that is the line editing sessions, the house style sessions, and the excerpts and blurbs sessions. Are any of those done? Oh hell naw.

Can I have Sven credit for this? Pretty please?

Alex and Lily are standing in the corner, glaring at me, since their rewrites have been on hold for what… six months, now? They can hold it a little longer, I think. Someone go turn the faucet on, just to be mean.

In other news, I finally fixed all the Self-Editing Boot Camp workshop links.

Scribd has also fixed their display problems, so all the .docs and .pdfs are now viewable and downloadable. I added a Scribd link over there *points left* along with the facebook action.

Have a good weekend, everybody.


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