Things I Learned This Weekend

  1. MEA weekends are really long.
  2. Campaign seasons are really long.
  3. Despite what I might have believed before, the Vikings can still get worse.

After that, it sounds like a pretty dismal weekend, but it wasn’t really. Just busy, trying to get a little ahead of the release schedule so we can start evaluations.

And today I’m going to be bad because it’s a release day, and I am allowed to be partial sometimes, right?


A Darker Trinity by Candice Gilmer comes out in ebook today. Candice is one of the authors on my roster, and I do enjoy tormen… er, working with her. (She also writes for Samhain and has some great stuff over there)

The Moonlight and Shadows series she’s doing with us over here at Lyrical makes for some very fun, entertaining vampire/were joyjoys, and this book in particular will scorch your toenail polish.

And just so you know, Liam is mine. MINE, I tell you. Hands off. I mean it.

Also coming out today is:

Bright Star, by Grayson Reyes-Cole. Grayson is a new addition to my roster, and I’m both proud and delighted to have her. Proud because this is a smart, inevitability-laden book. Delighted because someday, if you’re at a conference, and see me huddled in a corner with someone and you hear a troubling amount of conspiritorial laughter, whatever happens next will be all Grayson’s fault. Just sayin.

No doubt Candice and Ann will be the two standing by, pointing and laughing while Cat runs the pool on who will get arrested first. Mr. O’Rourke will be busily pretending he’s never met any of us in his life. Meanwhile, Renee would be sighing and wearing a long-suffering look.

Speaking of which, I’d best get my keister back into the cave…


3 Responses

  1. Hey, if anybody’s gonna get arrested first, it’s me. šŸ˜‰

  2. I will be the person that doesn’t get arrested while everyone points and snitches “she’s the worst of them all!” The story of my life! I *look* innocent!


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