No, I’m Not Dead

…just busy. We’ll soon be hiring copy editors again, and I’ll post everything here as well as the Lyrical Press Blog when we’re ready to make the official announcement.

Until that’s done and our new peeps settled, I’m afraid I’ll continue to suck as a blogger. :bored:

Send chocolate.



3 Responses

  1. I was considering sending a search party, but chocolate does sound better. Glad you are alive :yeyas: :flowers:

  2. There you are! I, too, was getting a little nervous and thought I’d have to send your daughter an email on that one site :eyeroll: to make sure you weren’t Rigor Mortis at the keyboard.

    I’ll send white chocolate and your very own Oded doll. For your safety and ours, it will NOT be anatomically correct.

  3. Rhon, I think we could safely keep a search party on retainer what with your hurricanes and my forays into the depths of the editing cave.

    And Mel… you are a cruel, cruel woman.


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