School: On


They’re gone!

I don’t know how to act.

Oh yes. Like a line editor… :hemi:

One of these days, I swear I’ll have something useful and interesting to say. Really, I will.


One Response

  1. Emma first thing first, breathe slowly and do a single spin in your loungeroom, then start smiling, a house to yourself (at least for a few hours) is bliss in itself… I think teachers should be paid more for the time they have to put up with kids not of their own making… (yes I’m a teacher and I would like a pay raise but that’s beside the point).
    Now you can get stuck into your writing. You know, the stuff you had to put on hold during holidays?
    I’m lucky my older kids are going to spend time with their grandma this coming September (spring) holidays. Happy days are coming up.

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