Scribd Behaving Badly

Since Scribd began to eat formatting at some point during the conversion process, here are some clean, direct links to the workshop resources so far:

Tier I Example
Tier I Worksheet (click “save” to download)
Tier II Checklist (click “save” to download)
Story Style Sheet (click “save” to download)



2 Responses

  1. I’m sorry to make a fuss, but the Story Style Sheet link here won’t work, either… “The requested URL http:// was not found on this server.” And ScribD is being even less cooperative than that; I don’t even have a coherent error message. The server simply refuses to connect, at least for me, tonight.

    This is interesting; I’ve already worked out my own, somewhat similar, self-editing regimen (perhaps not applied very well, but I try) but I’m seeing some things from new angles. Thanks!

  2. I find it really helps when I actually upload the .doc in the first place lol


    Did I mention… :banghead:

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