The Workshop Cometh

It’s almost time, so I’m getting ready for PBW’s Left Behind and Loving It conference series.

I’ll be tackling self editing tips, which will not only touch on things an author should look for in their own work before submitting, but also some common problems encountered during the editing cycle. Yes, that means someone is finally going to have a frank and open discussion about the dreaded Track Changes, and why it’s not uncommon that an author should want to hurl their monitor out the window in a fit of abject frustration.

Fig. 1: :banghead:

I’ve not yet finalized the topic schedule — I’ll get it posted just as soon as I’ve figured out where some stray topics should fall.

At the end of the workshop, I’ll be donating my time to give someone’s mss a thorough copy edit. And no, this is not limited to people planning on submitting to Lyrical.

Until then, back to the usual silliness…

EDIT TO ADD: If you’ve had problems with Track Changes in the past, I’m collecting horror stories so we can reverse-engineer the issues. Send all due questions and horror stories to emmawayneporter A T gmail dOt com


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