Um… Weekend 13?

I was gonna do this as a Thursday 13, but guess what? I ran out of time. (yeah, yet another big shocker, I know) So we’ll do this as a weekend 13 instead.

Yes, I was procrastinating and made a graphic

Buffy Quiz!

  1. Who said…

    “Yeah, but you know, good jazz is improvisational. So we’d be marching off in all directions. Running into floats and stuff. Scary.”

  2. What happened to Principal Flutie?
  3. There are _____ cemeteries in Sunnydale.
  4. Buffy’s stuffed pig is named ______________. (you lose points if you say Angel)
  5. Which university did Giles go to?
  6. Willow and Xander broke up when they were five. Why?
  7. Who got turned into a rat?
  8. Cordelia once got staked. With what?
  9. For whom (or what) did Drusilla leave Spike? (thus proving she is out of her fool mind)
  10. Who killed Angel’s parents?
  11. What is Oz’s last name?
  12. In “Welcome to the Hellmouth,” how much does Xander offer for Willow’s tutorial services?
  13. Buffy and Angel dance to what song at the prom?

Bonus question: What is Buffy’s SAT score?

Have fun. Winner gets all due bragging rights.

6 Responses

  1. omg i know buffy stuf, but I know none of these!

  2. :banghead: I think I’d rather edit, thank you.

  3. */Renee clears her throat and prepares to take a crack at these (without looking anything up, mind you! Just might go to show what a geek I really am)

    1. Oz
    2. Did he die in the Hellmouth?
    3. 12?
    4. Damn! I really should know this.
    5. No idea.
    6. I forgot. And yes, I really used to know the reason.
    7. Amy
    8. No idea.
    9. Stupid cheated on him.
    10. Angel did.
    11. Osbourne, I believe.
    12. No idea.
    13. Wild Horses. I don’t know who sings it.

    Bonus: No clue.

    Why do I feel like this: :ptalol:

  4. If you’d asked me a couple of years ago, I could’ve rattled off all the answers with no problem. But now… I seem to have contracted Buffsheimers. :doh:

  5. 1. Oz
    2. He was eaten by hyena-possessed students
    3. 22
    4. Mr. Gordo
    5. Oxford
    6. “He stole my Barbie!”
    7. Amy
    8. Rebar
    9. A Chaos demon
    10. Angel
    11. He doesn’t have one
    12. A bright, shiny nickel
    13. Wild Horses

    Bonus: 1437

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