Workshop Topic

While everyone’s off at RWA (July 30 – Aug 2), I’ll be doing a mini-conference for those of us left behind.

Topic: Pre-Submission Self-Editing Tips

Part of it will be a Q and A, so if you have questions, leave them in comments and I’ll answer them when the time comes.



7 Responses

  1. Are the things you are covering good for authors considering contest entries? Will you be covering a variety of things, like repeated words and phrases?

  2. Repeated words and phrases will certainly be part of it.

    And the kind of self-editing tips I have in mind would be good for anything, really. I think, overall, what’s most important and would be most useful is a run down on those tricky little issues we can’t really see in our own work but are obvious to readers, and therefore agents or editors.

  3. Ok, here comes the question from the German *g* Since in the German language and especially writing and very especially my writing, there are an infinite number of possible sub-sentences. (Thomas Mann, anyone?)
    How many sub-sentences are too much? And more importantly, how to split them without ending up with a recital?

  4. What… me? The fragment queen? Talk about sub-sentences?

    Oh dear :rofl2:

    I might have to pull the rest of the editing team in on that one, but I’ll see what I can do.

  5. MUHA!
    I´m not alone anymore.
    O love sub-sentences, half sentences, interupted sentences, basially, I write as I hear it in my ear and my chars tend to stutter a little or talk like a waterfall… sadly, nobody else seem to share that passion.

  6. The main thing I concentrate on is making sure my writing has no opassive sentences. Yeah, I know most publisher will accept a certain percentage of passive, but I just can’t stand those little buggers. LOL

  7. Not to worry — I’ve got a ton of links on passive and active (including ones that sagely point out passive isn’t always evil)

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