I Did What?

Thanks to Shannon, I’ve roped myself into doing a workshop for us stay-at-home types during RWA Nationals.

In trying to come up with a topic, I had a lot of ideas but nothing really jumped out as being truly useful. So I’m turning it over to you all for topic ideas.

It can be anything writing or editing related. I’m not that picky. Okay, yeah, I am, but hit me up with requests anyhow.


10 Responses

  1. :whine:
    verb tenses: how to recognizes when you’ve muffed them up
    author voice: how to recognize and improve yours
    common writing erros: booboos you can edit out before getting spanked by the edita

    ummm…my braincell is in edit mode, as you can see, and right now, that’s all I got.


  2. How to handle head-hopping on the holodeck if you want to maintain multiple PoV of the same scene…

  3. /runs screaming from the holodeck :freak:

  4. and for the wiseacre who emailed me about a rock band workshop :bs:

    Although I did 5-star Sandman on medium today :flex:

  5. Possible workshop subjects!

    Cliche vs. Archetype – how to tell them apart, especially in your own work
    Beginnings, middles, ends – the jobs each one needs to do
    Working well with your agent/publisher/editor – we all could use this one
    Truth, Tact and Turnabout-is-fair-play – the importance of critiques

    Um… can’t think of any more just now 🙂



  6. :flex:

    *whispers* Vogler.


  7. But in all seriousness…since you have a finger in each pie, and therefore a unique perspective, how about a pre-submission self-editing checklist.


  8. I love how Kathleen goes for the easy topics, don’t you?

    And you aren’t funny with that Vogler stuff. I love Campbell like cake, but it all still makes my brain hurt when it comes to talking about it.

    Pre-sub self-editing is a good idea, though. And I’ve already got a lot of that prepared. This might be a winnah

  9. I for one could use some good old fashion time planning. I don’t have a problem with self promotion, actually that’s my day job, but how do you fit it all in?

    I’ve missed a few chats and blogs and god knows what else because they were on a different calendar…think i have stuff on at least three or four and that’s just for writing. Forget about my ‘real’ job…outside sales.

    You’ve done it, obviously. HOW?? I’d love to know.


  10. Wait… I’m laughing too hard to type, atm. I just got done having a big venting-spaz on the DH due to my apparent inability today to pick a priority and stick with it. (and an additional apparent inability not to spaz because I can’t clean and work at the same time. Is it time for school to start yet?)

    Time management is tough, no doubt about it. This is definitely something that needs to be tackled and we were planning to touch on it with the Taking Care of Business promo-slash-business guide. I’ll see what kind of input the team comes up with, and perhaps this is something we can take a stab at on the staff loop, too.

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