Things I Learned On Vacation

  1. When lightning strikes extremely close to your vehicle, it’s possible to see your own retinas. (they’re kinda reddish orange with black and white spots)
  2. My husband thinks I closely resemble a former president.

    This is really more than I wanted to know about my skin

  3. :faint: When my daughter says she’ll throw up if she eats anything, she means it.
  4. People will do strange things to the hind-end of unknown animals.

    I'm still trying to figure out wtf-kind of animal they 'defaced,' if you'll pardon the pun

  5. I can, upon occasion, accidentally take a decent picture.

    Rushmore in profile

  6. Anyway, we’re back, and I’ve a lot of catching up to do. Therefore I’ll be firmly entrenched behind the grindstone for the next few…evers.



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