This is why your parents blush sometimes.

(Blame Auntie Doni)

We’re off to Mt. Rushmore. Back Wednesday.


3 Responses

  1. Woo-hoo! Yngwie and JLT! /headbang Funny that, I got sucked into some old Yngwie vids after those guffaw-inducing TNT finds. Must be the Scandanavian connection.

    YouTube is one of the biggest time sucks in the free world….and I lub it!

  2. Erm, ScandInavian….cause I can actually spell. Have fun at Rushmore, for whatever reason you chose to go there.

    :ptalol: We did….once.

  3. Don’t looka me — I’m just the valet…who is also incurably addicted to YouTube.

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