Inside Scoop

I’m starting to get “those” emails again, about which genres Lyrical Press is hungry for right now, and figured I’d post the information here so everyone could see it.

First, before I say anything else, a good story is a good story. We will always snap these up regardless of genre, even if I have to use the jaws of life on the release schedule to fit them in. :supah:

Second, Lyrical is always looking for paranormal stories. They might have romantic elements, they might not. And if they do, all sensuality levels are welcome.

Third, if your submission is fewer than 20,000 words, I can’t help you. We might make a rare exception and fit something into a TALES FROM THE SHADOWS anthology (romance with ghosts, 20-25k length) if it suits, but otherwise, no dice.

What we’re eager to see:

  • As mentioned above, we’re always looking for stories with paranormal elements.
  • Romances, all genres, of the 30,000 to 60,000 length. We get too many that are really short (which we can’t use) or really long (which are price-point prohibitive for both ebook and print).
  • Action Adventure/Thriller with or without romantic elements.

What I’m a total sucker for:

  • Alpha-male seduction romances a la Harlequin Presents
  • Romantic suspense
  • Ghost stories with great characterization
  • Action Adventure, with or without romantic elements
  • Psych thrillers with exceptional heroes and villains
  • Spec Fiction with exceptional world builds

So there you have it: our current wish list. And for reference, our submissions address is

Please visit our Submission Guidelines for pointers, and as it appears our file type section has gone missing, we prefer .doc or .rtf.

(I dig .doc, because I am old and set in my ways.)

Have a good weekend.