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Two Lips Reviewer's Choice Award

Thank you, Victoria! :cheer: You can read the whole review here or read it below the fold.

Patrick Mancini was recruited nearly twenty years ago from a life of crime and certain imprisonment by the clandestine organization known as The Sanction. The Sanction honed his skills, provided him an outlet to feel meaningful, and later became his family after the untimely death of his mother. Patrick met the love of his life, Kate Crawford, while training to become an agent. Ten years after having Kate mysteriously break up with him; Patrick uncovers some shocking evidence that his mother’s death was not the result of a drug overdose. Someone deliberately staged her death and he suspects that person will eliminate him.

Knowing a contract hit has been placed on his life, Patrick turns to the only person he ever trusted- Kate. He knows she’s running a Sanction facility, being groomed for its chief position. Kate doesn’t initially want to assist him in his quest, but events quickly escalate into a deadly battle over the control of the organization both have pledged to protect. Are these two destined to be together or will something tragic derail their chance at happiness?

Turn off your phone, cancel all engagements, and make sure you block plenty of time to read because when you pick up The Living Legend, you simply won’t want to put this novel down! Tortured characters, heart-breaking scenes, hidden motivations, and a complex plot are the ingredients behind Emma Wayne Porter’s superb psychological thriller. The Living Legend kept my attention from its opening paragraph, making me constantly reevaluate the sticky situation that befalls its two main characters. I readily identified with Patrick Mancini, a pawn in the hands of the Sanction from the minute he was arrested. The Sanction gave him a second chance, taking his teenage cockiness and molding it into a killing weapon. Who wouldn’t have made the same choice when faced with the likelihood of lifetime imprisonment? Although Patrick’s worked up through the Sanction’s hierarchy, becoming one of its elite, he’s starting to resent the Sanction’s chains, wondering if it will ever be possible to leave the organization. Finding out the truth behind his mother’s death forces his hand and makes him want to eliminate the parties he feels are responsible. He struggles with the fact that he must get Kate involved in his quest, believing she broke up with him because he was unworthy of her love. As Patrick elicits Kate’s help, he is surprised in finding an older, wiser woman. A tortured soul herself, she’s allowed the Sanction to prepare her for the chairmanship but has symbolically held back, refusing to take complete control. Feeling her brother is more worthy of the honor, Kate is working behind the scenes to make him head of the Sanction. While an impressionable teenager, she was incapable of vocalizing her concerns when she met Patrick; foolishly thinking he would rescue her from the Sanction’s clutches, running away with her. All her hopes were dashed when her uncle found out about her secret affair. Forced to choose her brother over the man she loved, Kate picked up the pieces of her shattered heart and devoted her life to helping the Sanction’s teenage protégés, lavishing her love upon them. She doesn’t know at first what to make of Patrick’s request, but her undying love for him and strong sense for justice seals her fate.

Patrick and Kate work together to uncover who is behind the death of Patrick’s mother. The twists and turns in The Living Legend will constantly keep you guessing until the story’s dramatic climax. Ms. Porter integrates into the main storyline two of the teens, David and Tina, tour de forces, seamlessly into the plot. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the tale and sincerely hope Ms. Porter will return to this universe soon, giving us not only more of David and Tina’s saga but Kate’s brother, Alex, as well.

For what it’s worth, Alex’s book is mostly done. And once I get over my jailbait hangup, David will have his day in the sun.

Now, you’ll have to excuse me while I go celebrate for 15 seconds before hitting pre-production again :teef:


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  1. :angel
    Awesome review, but I think the book is the bomb :tease: Congrats, darlink. Well deserved. And super glad to hear you’re working, especially on Alex and David… And what about Jason???

    *runs and hides behind Shan*

  2. /points at Jason
    /draws finger across throat


  3. :popcorn: So glad I read and reviewed this book. I sincerely meant every word I wrote and EXPECT you to tell me when Alex’s book comes out! Enjoy your award because it is richly deserved!!

  4. Congrats, Emma! That is fantastic!

  5. Awesome review, Em! Wow! I’m sorry. I totally missred this last night when you sent me here for the smileys!



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