Where Have I Been?

Interesting question, really. See, DH seems to have decided I need to leave the house more than once a year. And apparently my travels to distances greater than the gas station and grocery store had to be crammed into this last week.

First, we went to see Indi IV (meh). Then I buried myself in pre-production and some in-house stuff for three days over the so-called holiday weekend.

And then the car-shopping drama hit. :drama:

You should know that I have quite the reputation for my ability to blow up anything electrical without even touching it. This is coupled with my vehicle-destroying powers; I’m not talking crashes or anything like that. But if you want to test the systems integrity of a vehicle, put me behind the wheel and let me drive the car around by myself. Every hidden problem will become evident within twenty-minutes or less.

So it went that DH, after weeks of looking for a good-mileage car, finally found one — a Mistubishi Eclipse (v6, manual). He brings it home for me to test drive and basically said, “Do your worst, killah.”

I outdid myself this time. :flex: I drove the car precisely 1.5 miles to pick up the kids from school. By the time I pulled into the lot, the radio was fritzing out. All electrical systems were flickering and dying.

One alternator, dead and gone. My street rep of the serial car killer remains intact. :supah:

It took us about five hours to get the car back to the dealership, despite me repeatedly pleading with DH to call the #$@%ing dealership to make them come get their POS car themselves. And then, of course, the next day, he makes me go all the way to the Cities with him to find a car, once and for all.

The deed is now done, thank God, but wow, am I behind. So I’ve spent the last couple days back in the in-house cave until I was ruthlessly dragged out again to see Iron Man. :popcorn: (I need the sequel right now, kthxbai.)

My big weekend plans are more pre-production, line edits and a hot date with the submissions pile.

On the upside, today was the last day of school, so I shall be nicely house-bound until it warms up enough for us to hit the lake. Which, if present trends continue, should be August of 2009.


Have a good weekend.


2 Responses

  1. Can you come to my house and test drive cars I want? I have all that stuff happen 5 minutes after my warrenty expires.

  2. She’s not kidding neither…

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