Things I Learned This Weekend

  1. Editors have interesting senses of humor :teef:
  2. :rant:Snow loses its kitsch after May 9th.
  3. Mt. St. Laundry doesn’t care if it’s Mother’s Day. :indif:
  4. :wtf: The filing cabinet is not a safe hiding place for the chocolate stash.
  5. Falling asleep before your nail polish is dry can have alarming consequences. :holybah:



5 Responses

  1. Um….. you have time to paint your nails? :tpoccy:

  2. Shut up! You painted your nails? I’d kill for time to do that. And why yes, you do have an interesting sense of humor.

    And by the way, we ARE sponge-worthy thank you very much. :rofl2:

  3. Lies. LIES!

    I woke up glued to my own hair and pillow. I’m just glad it wasn’t one of the cats.

  4. Boy, I sure would like time to paint my nails. Sitting around living the life of Reilly are you?
    But then again, I did get to see the Vienna Boys Choir.

  5. Have I told you today just how very much you suck?


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