Things I Learned This Weekend

  1. It’s possible to get an inch of freezing rain and eight inches of snow the last weekend of April. :indif: (And if you say, “That’s what you get for living in Minnesota” I’ll…really not like you very much.)
  2. Good reviews are fun. :cheer:
  3. :feint: Giving haircuts when you’re half dead of a cold isn’t the best idea ever.
  4. Every character I like best in a series is doomed. :wtf: (I just watched Serenity for the first time, and all I have to say is “But why is the Wash gone?” )

2 Responses

  1. I saw the snow on the weather channel on Saturday while it was thundering and lightning big time here and immediately thought of you out there in Minne-snow-ta. :hug:

    Congrats on the great review! :flowers:

  2. Ugh @ snow… they’re tossing that word around for our nighttime forecast here. Keep it up there, ya icepeople!

    It was about 85 here on Friday, and about 30 by last night. Nothing like a huge temp swing to freak out everything, from bugs to flowers to ME!

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