Oh Boys

This weekend, my boys got into trouble.

I’m not talking police-car trouble. I’m talking epic, grounded-until-you’re-90, all-your-video-games-are-belongs-to-Mom trouble.

It’s been a while since they’ve seen trouble of this magnitude. I think the last time involved a ladder, tools and some mechanical problem with the garage door. :faint:

They’re 10 and 8 years old, these two, so I suppose they were due. But I’d forgotten what it’s like to have two boys confined to the yard with no tv privileges. No games or friends over, either. The only source of entertainment seems to be seeing just how crazy they can drive their mother with the sulking and bargaining.

On the upside, they’re on KP indefinitely, so I haven’t had to do the dishes for a few days. Their rooms have never been cleaner and they’re actually eager to go to school.

Ah, the many joys of parenting…


One Response

  1. Dayum.

    I told my boys this morning I was going to make them sit on the couch together, holding hands, for an entire half-hour if they didn’t cut the sh…cut it out. A temporary, but fairly effective, fix.

    The thought of letting them near a full sink and my dishes gives me hives, though.

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