Hotel Minne-snow-ta

Saturday, it was beautiful outside.

Today, school is closed due to a blizzard. :indif:

Sing it with me now…

On an iced county highway
Chill winds in my hair,
Warm smell of wet mittens
rising up in the air,
Can’t see jack in the distance
it’s all just shimmering white,
My head grew heavy and my
sight grew dim —
hypothermia, right?

There she stood in her ice skates
I heard the pom-pom bell,
and I was thinking to myself
she could be skating on froze-over hell
Then she fired up the snowplow
and she towed me away.
There were voices from the state patrol,
thought I heard them say…

Welcome to the Hotel Minne-snow-ta
Such a lovely place
If you like frozen face
Plenty of room at the Hotel Minne-snow-ta
Any time of year… freeze your ass off here…



5 Responses

  1. :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2:

    That was priceless and freaking hysterical. You :tpoccy: me.

    So, while you’re buried in the snow, I wanted to let you know that my blog is now the main page of my website, so the link won’t work on your sidebar anymore and if anyone coming from here, ie Renee, tries to and it says page not here–my blog for now is my main webpage. So, either or .net will now take you straight to the blog.


  2. :tease:


    Nice song… and that’s all I have to say about that :rofl2:

  3. Just wanted to say, while you’re buried in snow, I spent the weekend down south where it was a balmy 70*…..

    sowwy! 🙂
    Great song, tho.

  4. Welll until Mel dropped the balmy 70’s bomb… you see I was just laughing (and biting my tongue) to NOT say I’d just gotten inside from doing yard work in uh 80ish weather, lol

  5. I don’t love you two very much sometimes.

    Most of the time, but not sometimes.

    And Rae?

    fixed :teef:

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