Birthday Week

As many of you know, it’s birthday week here. Our oldest just turned thirteen Sunday ( :faint: ) and today the mid-sized child turns 10.

Happy Birthday, babies. Even if you’re not babies anymore. :lurve:

Emmatyville has given them a couple new words this week as gifts.

The first is schizolingual.

The second is acci-magically.


3 Responses

  1. :freak:

    Logically I know that’s right because my oldest will be thirteen soon, but seeing you right it out like that…

    Make them stop. :drama:

  2. :hmm:

    Write it out, even.

    I swear I could write right yesterday. :tease:

  3. OMG, yeah I know it’s true “that baby” just made 3, the other one 11. Still so freaking hard to believe :eyeroll:

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