A Rarity

It’s finally happened — DH has found a chick flick he actually liked. :wtf:

I was too busy to watch with him that first time, and of course since he liked it, I was pretty well convinced I’d hate it. (He’s still on the enemy watch list for that whole Band of Brothers ordeal. I loved every second of it but bawled so hard I required IV re-hydration afterwards)

Yet after a couple days of DH hounding me to watch The Holiday, I finally gave in.

Um… I never “got” the whole Jude Law thing before.

I do, now.

And I know some people had a problem with “sweet” and “too good to be true”, but I was more caught up in Kate’s arc than all that stuff. In fact, I’d go as far as saying I don’t believe the film ought to have been labeled as romcom.

Anyway, I loved it. Has anyone else seen it? What did you think?


5 Responses

  1. Fanfreakingtastic movie, made them buy it for me. Dh actually likes too so I had to have it. I love the whole Kate/old timer thing (loved him). And there was arc-ing, all over. Okay, so I *still* don’t totally get the whole Jude Law thing :feint: but one of the better movies as a whole I’ve seen in ages. Not a romcom? Huh? What exactly would you call it oh great one? :notwrthy:

  2. I loved that movie! It is on my To Buy list. I was never a fan of Jude myself until this. But I have to admit that him in those glasses was….um….yummy. Lol!
    I loved the whole history of Hollywood aspect. That and the theme music was awesome!

  3. With 2 teen-age boys in the house, I don’t get a chance to watch many movies that I want. BUT…I did watch this one! I thought it was a really fun movie ~ and way cute.

  4. I’m glad you liked it, but posting about me and chick flicks is a no no..

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