Oh Man

I thought this was really romantic in a…completely unforgivable type way.

PRINCE GEORGE, British Columbia – A man in Prince George, British Columbia, thought he had the perfect way to propose to his high school sweetheart. Instead of popping the question on a moonlit Caribbean beach this week, though, Aaron Tkachuk, 24, wound up popping the question to Jennifer Rubadeau, also 24, at an airport security screening station.

A screener at the Prince George airport, Adam Buhler, insisted on having a closer look at the contents of a small box in the toe of a sock. Inside the box was a white gold, diamond and ruby ring.

Tkachuk decided to propose on the spot, and other travelers and security personnel cheered as Rubadeau said yes.


3 Responses

  1. Awwwwwwwwww

    That’ll make for a funnier (and therefore better) engagement story down the road, though. Moonlit Caribbean beaches are so cliche.


    No, he’s not really relevant to the story, but he’s my favorite smilie.

  2. :drama: I agree with Shannon. My brain is fried, lots and lots of drama in this house last week…but I tagged you. Okay, so maybe I whispered to you. Yes, you. Have fun.

  3. The howls arose from the den here, I can guarantee you. The consensus was there will be a few more training sessions for that individual. But I have to agree with Shannon and Heather, it will definitely make for a much more interesting, how did you propose, answer.

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