What Cake?

is mah birfday where r caek, dammit!?

Okay. Yeah. So that was…subtle.

Happy b-day, Immi :lurve: and Mandy.

Everyone go enter my ARC Giveaway Contest while I spend the day trying to remember how may times I’ve been 29. :vader:


7 Responses

  1. :flowers: Happy Birthday! :flowers:

    No work today. That’s an order. :teehee:

  2. Happy Birthday darlin! Hope you do something fun and not work related today.


  3. Hiya darlin’ and Happy Birthday. I actually remembered it on my own. (well, after I got to work and wrote the date, doh! :vader:

    Hope you get your cake and can eat it too–without help from the feline friends (or kidlets fingerprints in your frosting).

    Cheers, you sexy 29-again year old!

  4. /hides subs and style manual :batlash:

    Thanks, darlins.

  5. When I tried to wish you happy birthday the other day–on your actual birthday, my posts never showed up. :rant:

    So, Happy Birthday, m’dear. Even though you didn’t get the Hans Solo desk, I hope it was a good one. :hug:

  6. I just KNEW your birthday was around here someplace :yeyas:
    Happy really late birthday! :freak:
    Hope it was a great one :tease:

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