Thursday Thirteen #23

Thursday Thirteen #23

Thirteen Things I Wish I Had In My Office

  1. A Cadbury™ Caramel Egg factory — I don’t think this requires explanation.
  2. A Bill Gates voodoo doll — I doubt this one does, either.
  3. A pencil — Where the heck do they all go?
  4. Joseph Campbell — A girl can dream.
  5. One of these — Sorry. Guy moment.
  6. The Library of Congress — You can never have enough reference material. Or books.
  7. Staff — At the very least, I need a nanny, housekeeper, masseuse, valet, secretary, cat whisperer, child psychologist, husband translator, chef, personal trainer, Geek Squad™ dude, and sycophant. Preferably in one package that looks like Oded Fehr and has a mute button.
  8. An electrified door knob — Remote controlled, of course.
  9. An vending machine — Movies and books for free. No one should be without one’a these babies.
  10. A people conjurer — Imagine being able to summon someone from every profession so you can find out what it’s really like. Or maybe you’d like to have a word or two with Cleopatra. Or Taye Diggs.
  11. A time machine — Goes without saying, I’m sure. But I said it anyway.
  12. A magic cattle prod — must work on fictional characters. Also anyone on tv. Especially political candidates (from a safe distance).
  13. Replacement braincells — If only.

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4 Responses

  1. I agree with #1 and #2. :teef:

  2. I don’t like Cadbury eggs but the Lazyboy looks great. Happy TT.

  3. Oh yeah the brain cells I need.

    Great Thursday Thirteen post! Come by my blog and laugh, just not too hard! LOL

  4. I guess I’m lucky with the Tour Manager; he does a bunch of those staff jobs (which is why he’s the Tour Manager, of course). But I could use the rest, especially the nanny part. Imagine how much Trevor you could have!

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