Sometimes It’s Not Okay To Laugh

I missed Idol last night for — ironically — a choir concert.

Now first, let me say I was kind of annoyed because it didn’t start until 7:30, making it pretty well impossible for the boys to come along because we wouldn’t get home until well past their bedtime.

But my annoyance was greatly lessened during the seventh and eighth grade boys choir performance.

Luckily for me, the kids were singing Elvira by the Oak Ridge Boys with soloists doing the “oom-papa oom-papa oom-papa mow mow” part, so there was already a lot of giggling going on.

Yet I happened to be sitting directly behind a family with a small boy, probably six or seven years old, who was putting on a show all his own.

He’d get just out of his dad’s reach, face the stage, and stick two pencil erasers up his nose.

Naturally, he’d turn around and in one of those shout-whispers, go “Dad! Dad!” until his father would look. And then the poor dad would try to grab him, the kid would edge away and laugh, shooting the erasers out of his nose.

This went on a good three minutes, and the whole time, I’m sitting there with my hand over my mouth, willing myself not to howl.

But of course I was laughing my head off. And thinking not having my boys along to the concert wasn’t so bad after all.


One Response

  1. Tickets for concert for two adults $20
    Babysitter for small children for three hours $30

    :ptalol: Laughing at other parents…priceless

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