Things I Learned This Weekend

This had to be the shortest weekend on record. But I still managed to learn some things:

  1. People who are tan in February annoy me.
  2. It’s a bad idea to temporarily set a printer on one of those huge rubbermaid containers. While printing, it will sound like a drumline’s coming through your office.
  3. Cats adore the sound of marching-band printers even more than they love ordinary-sounding printers.
  4. A cat’s head will not fit into a printer no matter how hard they try.
  5. Paws, however, will.
  6. It’s hard to clear a paper jam with a 25-lb cat sitting in the tray.



4 Responses

  1. hee hee I could have told you some of those things you had to learn the hard way.

    Sorry your weekend was so short.


  2. LOL! My cat has taken to trying to sit on my laptop while I’m typinng. I think she’s annoyed with me. 😀

  3. I can state this with almost certainty…

    The sound of a printer is second ONLY to the sound of a can opener when it comes to the interest of a feline being.

  4. Good point, this.

    I have to yell before opening cat food. “Put all cats down and get out the way!”

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