Tuesday Miscellany

WordPress alerted me to a blog ping from the new Dragon Spell Publishing Blog. I didn’t realize they had one yet, so time-out to say best of luck to everyone there, and I’ll be :cheer:ing for you.

Also, Child #1 thanks everyone for their congratulations. DH and I are still trying to figure out where she gets it from. I can’t even spell “the” without help from autocorrect, but this kid could spell “eligible” at age four. Scary, isn’t she? :hug:

Otherwise, I’m looking forward to Idol tonight, except… am I the only one who’s just dead sick and tired of the freaks? The only auditions I care about are the good ones.

Off to work. Have a good day, everyone.


3 Responses

  1. Thank you, Emma! We’re honored to have you on our team. I can’t tell you how excited I am and how….ugh! I’m at a loss for words here. I’m just so happy!

    :tease: (and this was just too funny not to use. lol)

  2. I can think a few things to say, but I think this one says it all for me
    I’m so jazzed for you.

  3. Waiting for AI tonight and no, you’re not the only one who is sick of watching the rejects. I’m hoping it was only because there wasn’t a whole lot of talent in SC. Either that or they were so good, they didn’t want us to see it. I’m thinking it was the latter.

    And I said up there that I’m proud of you, but I’ll say it again. CONGRATS!!!

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