Only In Minnesota

It was twenty-five below zero when I put the kids on the bus this morning. I love this state, yet still wonder sometimes why anyone would live here on purpose. :drama:

Global warming? If only. Hopefully it’ll warm up by about fifty degrees before I have to go out today. And I do have to go out. Big goings-on today for the family, but more about that tomorrow.

Off to cram some work into today’s mad schedule.

2 Responses

  1. I don’t remember how cold it was back when the tall kid was in third grade and they cancelled school. I remember the buses wouldn’t start and kids couldn’t stand at a bus stop for more than about 30 seconds. I think it was a little warmer, but we had de big winds. I think we were hitting wind chills of 30 to 35 below.

    I know it was damn cold.

  2. Why DO we live in Minnesota? Did you get hit with snow today? It was yucky out. Either freaking sub-zero or snow storm…cripes.

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