My Eyes! My Eyes!

Idol premiere highlights:

“Hey, isn’t that Jerod from the Subway commercials? Damn, he can sang.”

“Meh. She’s good, but backup singers were so last year.”

“Someone call an endocrinologist for those people. Honestly.”

“Oh my God, I love the Spanish language dude!”

“Someday, someone’s gonna bring their dog in for a fleabath and run screaming.” (psycho Alexis of the glitter eyeshadow)

“Okay, if she can’t sing, I’m gonna lay on the floor and weep.” (RE: the girl with the Rett’s syndrome daughter)

“:censor:! Don’t they have security in that place?” (stalker boy)

“Well. No point watching this season. This one’s got it locked.” (RE: the cage fighter)

“Wait a second. Holy… Wow is he fine. What? Oh, who cares if he can sing? If he can’t sing, just hit the mute button and let me watch.” (RE: Baywatch Barbie, Ken Edition)

Okay, you knew I had to say something about the slave girl costume and Leah dork. Here are our reactions:

Me: :bored:
DH: :wtf:
Kid 1: :freak:
Kid 2: :rofl2:
Kid 3: :feint:

So? What did you think? Anyone from the Phile auditions worthy of spending Tuesday nights with?


4 Responses

  1. We DVR’d it because we’re watching the yawnathon that is Comanche Moon. :drama:


  2. Love the cage fighter from Oregon. She’s adorable. And man, what a voice. And the woman with the sick daughter has a beautiful voice too if she can lose the Wedding Singer schtick. Loved the last guy of the night. Yummy!

    they needed to put the Princess Leia hair buns on the guy who shaved his chest. Then…his outfit would have been complete. :rofl2:

  3. I don’t watch it but I love your rundown. LOL.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Okay, so glad I’m not the only one who thought the last guy of the night was something to write about. I made the mistake of saying out loud, “He’s pretty.”

    Because he was!

    I’m giggling at your rundown. I did something similar, not as funny as yours. I’m still making fun of: “Let my people Gooooo-uh.” :teehee:

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