Annoyed Now

My everybody’s-back-at-school joyjoy didn’t last long. First, I went down with the flu, then two of the kids, and now all three are home today with it.

Naturally, this has put a crimp in the writing plans, so I decided I’d read instead.

Big mistake. I came across a wall-banger, and now you get to listen to me vent. :drama:

I have this…thing about bad cops/federal agents/public servants. They seem to be a staple in fiction. You see these stereotypical villains in movies, books, tv. They’re everywhere.

To give an example of what annoys me, think about Die Hard I and II. Remember the Agents Johnson? How the FBI swooped in and screwed everything up? Or the SWAT team that got blown up or, in the second installment, the Special Forces crew teamed up with the villain?

This kind of thing makes me hostile. I mean really hostile, to the point where when I came across something similar in that book this morning, it got launched.

Why? It’s not as if I don’t realize there are some bad eggs out there, or that the prevailing culture in our federal law enforcement agencies for the last… ever has been somewhat whack. And I do realize that people who are supposed to protect us turning out to be eve-ill can be pretty scary.

But give me a break. Seriously. It’s a tired plot device and I’ll bet 99.99% of public servants DON’T go into work each day looking to screw the public.

I don’t know why this bugs me so badly, but it does, and always has. Especially when it’s as drolly predictable and unmotivated as what I read this morning.

Just… don’t do it. Please. I beg you. Or if you must, at least please put some kind of warning label on it or something. Honestly.

Okay. I’m done now. Enjoy your weekend. :batlash:


One Response

  1. Thank you from the bottom of my federal employee heart. I not only have to grit my teeth when I see things like that, or read them, I end up venting to my favorite law enforcement dude. For 16 of 22 years of service to this country, he was the one that people called at 3 am and I never knew if he was coming back. And he still gets portrayed as the idiot agent that needs Bruce to come in and fix things. Sorry, but he was the one that was the fixer. I have launched a few books off the wall for various reasons, i.e. stupid dog tricks, stupider horse tricks , but what sends me over the wall is the stupid people trick. If you have questions, I will be more than happy to answer them. Ask Emma, she is one of the people that will keep my awake until 5 am anwering law enforcement questions. And if I don’t know the answer, I sure as heck know where to get it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Emma…. simply the best.

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